About Open Hands

Open Hands is a not-for-profit organisation and operates simply because we care. We are committed to providing a helpful and friendly service to all our clients.

Open Hands is friendly local charity, based in Poynton, Cheshire. Our primary role is to help vulnerable people who would otherwise find it difficult to use public transport to get them to appointments, etc.

Why we help

Have you ever wondered how the poorly or elderly residents of Poynton manage to get to hospital appointments or how cancer patients can get to Christies if they are too ill to drive themselves and are not lucky enough to have the support of family members in the community?

Sometimes public transport may be just a little too daunting for the elderly; they may feel too vulnerable or unsteady to travel alone. How does an elderly couple that need to attend a doctors or dentist appointment in the village get there, when walking is just not an option any more “it’s just too far”.

This is where we come in Open Hands Community Transport. We are a team of local volunteers who transport the vulnerable residents of Poynton to medical appointments. Whether it be locally around the village or further afield, Macclesfield General, Stepping Hill, Manchester Royal or Christies for example. We collect our clients from their homes in our own cars and take them to their appointments, wait with them and return them safely home.